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Maple Cottages Fire


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A serious outbreak of fire, which involved and finally resulted in the loss of two old-world cottages, broke out at Radwinter on Wednesday, 24th April 1932. The premises, known as Maple Cottages were the property of Mr A. P. Bird and were occupied by Mr Bird and his tenant Mr F Hagger.  The following is from a contemporary newspaper report:

“Although the property is insured, the outbreak has caused the loss of many valuable pieces of furniture, as well as the total loss of the cottages, which date back to the early 16th century, and were considered fine specimens of the period.  The outbreak was first noticed by P.C. Dobson, who saw smoke coming from the thatch and he promptly called the Saffron Walden Fire Brigade, which, under Chief Officer C. D. Miller, were quickly on the spot. However, on arrival they found the thatch completely alight and the roof collapsed before they had any chance of saving the property.”

burnt house at maple end

burnt house at Maple End